Sisterhood and then some..

Hello my fellow humanitarians..


so.. The time had come for me to struggle so deeply and so painfully with the task of writing my dissertation.

I have the feeling that most people out there are now shaking their heads and sighing, just horrifically reminiscing about that same traumatic event in their past. Pray for me ya’ll..

One great and life saving advice my teacher gave me, when I told her that I was finding myself lost, in the whirlpool of words, because there was so much I wanted to say but didn’t have enough time or space to get it all out there. (side note, I have now realised I have two passions in this life, Clothes and Writing, love the sh*t out of them, also cuss words, I don’t know why I just do they are so, so gutsy aha, moving on swiftly)

She said to me..


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1 ,2 ,3 and thats a WRAP!


Hello readers

As addressed before in my previous post I have decided to wrap up my hair while I wait for some serious growth. I’m hoping that this process will give my hair some much needed rest and time for it to grow and all round get healthier.

So I did a series of images that show some different types of ways I would wrap my hair for university in the morning, side-note; this cuts about a good 45 minutes from my ‘get ready’ routine which I have re-designated to sleeping for an extra 45 minutes 🙂 that is just a plus for me and those that know me know I would GLADLY sleep for a living.  Continue reading

Sunday Sunday …

So its been a while I have been super busy, university is currently kicking me in the tenders .. soooo Sundays what a blessed day.

my Sunday’s are always reserved for the Lord , yes I am a church girl, something about exercising my faith keep me absolutely sane and happy. I love to dress up for church, you know what, I always say, “if you can’t make an effort for the Lord then you need not be there” aha. Continue reading



Okay so like many black women out there I have had all sorts of hair styles in my short life, braids, twist, fauxlocs, short pixie crops (my current style) basically everything but i’ve never dyed my hair in an interesting colour, something I have always wanting to do, a subject i will elaborate on Continue reading


new things

new things

hello readers

my name is Cassandra and firstly l would like to thank you so much for stopping by and even reading some on my posts.

So this year is a year of change for me, taking chances is what l plan to do more of and this blog is the first of many l hope. l have always wanted to write, even as a child and through out my teens l have wrote diary entries love letter poems and short stories, theres something amazing about writing, putting pen to paper, its a way to filter and free ones mind, like an exhaling of some sort in my case.

l hope you enjoy this blog whom ever shall read it, and in advance excuse my rambling and blah di blah thats to come.

leave me comments and such.

– Cassandra –